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List NamePerformance Count
All Performances3502

DetailsArtistSHNIDReference #
1974-08-2110 CC
1989-07-1910,000 Maniacs
1993-05-2310,000 Maniacs
1966-??-??13th Floor Elevators
1995-06-02Abraxas Pool
1966-01-08Acid Tests
1966-10-02Acid Tests
1995-10-13Acoustic Allstars
1996-08-04Acoustic Allstars
2000-11-18Aereo-Plain Band
2006-12-12Aimee Mann
1987-04-07Al Kooper
1996-03-03Al Kooper
1985-07-27Albert Collins
1994-06-16Albert Lee
2008-07-10Alejandro Escovedo
1973-05-30Alice Cooper
1975-06-17Alice Cooper
1975-06-18Alice Cooper
1991-06-02Alison Krauss & Union Station
2006-04-08Allan Holdsworth
2000-09-21Allen Woody Benefit
2000-09-21Allen Woody Benefit
1970-02-11Allman Brothers Band
1970-04-11Allman Brothers Band
1970-07-03Allman Brothers Band
1970-07-05Allman Brothers Band
1970-07-26Allman Brothers Band
1971-08-26Allman Brothers Band
1971-09-16Allman Brothers Band
1973-06-09Allman Brothers Band
1973-06-10Allman Brothers Band
1973-12-31Allman Brothers Band
1986-10-31Allman Brothers Band
1995-11-11Allman Brothers Band
2003-03-13Allman Brothers Band
2003-03-29Allman Brothers Band
2003-06-14Allman Brothers Band
1983-04-24Alvin Lee
1976-??-??Amazing Rhythm Aces
2007-01-21American Beauty Project
1986-06-15Amnesty International
1990-07-21Andy Summers
1975-08-31Archie Shepp
1968-05-02Aretha Franklin
1966-02-27Arlo Guthrie
1966-02-27Arlo Guthrie
1967-05-??Arlo Guthrie
1967-??-??Arlo Guthrie
1983-09-21ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-11-28ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-02ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-03ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-03ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-05ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-06ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-08ARMS Benefit Concert
1959-11-18Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
1961-05-06Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
1950-06-??Art Tatum
1969-??-??Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup
2007-03-17Asleep At The Wheel
1979-10-26Atlanta Rhythm Section
1969-07-06B.B. King
1969-09-01B.B. King
1971-06-19B.B. King
1978-04-09B.B. King
2003-06-20B.B. King & Jeff Beck
1974-03-28B.W. Stevenson
1979-02-??Bad Brains
1982-10-20Bad Brains
1974-07-25Bad Company
2004-12-14Barenaked Ladies
2006-12-12Barenaked Ladies
1976-04-12Be-Bop Deluxe
1976-06-12Be-Bop Deluxe
1972-06-17Bean Blossom Bluegrass Festival
1973-05-13Beck, Bogert & Appice
1973-05-18Beck, Bogert & Appice
1968-??-??Bee Gees
1998-01-15Bela Fleck & Jerry Douglas
2007-12-19Ben Folds
1997-11-06Ben Folds Five
1998-04-06Ben Harper
2000-12-26Ben Harper
2006-03-01Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals79436
2007-09-18Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals
1992-12-24Ben Vaughn Combo
1953-02-??Ben Webster
1970-??-??Berkeley Free Clinic Benefit
1978-07-08Bert Jansch
1967-02-12Big Brother & The Holding Company
1967-05-27Big Brother & The Holding Company
1968-05-03Big Brother & The Holding Company
1968-06-23Big Brother & The Holding Company
1968-11-11Big Brother & The Holding Company
1970-04-04Big Brother & The Holding Company
1960-03-12Bill Evans
1991-11-03Bill Graham Memorial
1974-12-12Bill Haley
1962-09-02Bill Keith & Jim Rooney
1962-??-??Bill Keith & Jim Rooney
2002-10-30Bill Kirchen & the Rockaholics
2003-12-11Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun
1969-06-21Bill Monroe & Doc Watson
1954-09-19Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys
1966-09-02Bill Monroe & the Bluegrass Boys
2001-07-13Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
2001-07-13Bill Wyman's Rhythm Kings
1976-03-19Billy Cobham/George Duke Band
1972-04-01Billy Joel
1972-04-15Billy Joel
1977-12-11Billy Joel
1978-03-05Billy Joel
1984-06-06Billy Joel
1990-05-26Billy Joel
1996-07-11Black Crowes
1964-03-06Black Mountain Boys
1974-01-11Black Sabbath
1974-02-11Black Sabbath
1982-11-27Black Uhuru
2002-06-23Blind Boys of Alabama
1969-06-18Blind Faith
1969-08-16Blind Faith
1970-08-03Blodwyn Pig
1968-02-23Blood, Sweat & Tears
1971-??-??Blood, Sweat & Tears
1993-03-13Blood, Sweat & Tears
1976-12-27Blue Öyster Cult
1979-10-12Blue Öyster Cult
1995-09-21Blue Mountain
1997-11-08Blue Mountain
1998-05-14Blue Mountain
1999-08-07Blue Mountain
2001-04-22Blue Mountain
2004-03-27Bluegrass Sessions
1966-09-01Blues Project
1984-03-03Blues Project
1990-06-21Blues Project
1961-09-06Bob Dylan
1961-11-04Bob Dylan
1961-12-22Bob Dylan
1962-01-13Bob Dylan
1962-07-02Bob Dylan
1962-10-01Bob Dylan
1963-04-12Bob Dylan
1964-10-31Bob Dylan
1965-06-01Bob Dylan
1965-07-05Bob Dylan
1965-07-25Bob Dylan
1965-07-25Bob Dylan
1965-12-04Bob Dylan
1966-01-19Bob Dylan
1966-04-13Bob Dylan
1966-04-20Bob Dylan
1966-05-01Bob Dylan
1966-05-05Bob Dylan
1966-05-10Bob Dylan
1966-05-12Bob Dylan
1966-05-14Bob Dylan
1966-05-15Bob Dylan
1966-05-16Bob Dylan
1966-05-17Bob Dylan
1966-05-26Bob Dylan
1966-05-27Bob Dylan
1966-??-??Bob Dylan
1967-06-01Bob Dylan
1969-08-31Bob Dylan
1975-07-03Bob Dylan
1975-07-03Bob Dylan
1975-10-30Bob Dylan
1975-12-01Bob Dylan
1976-04-18Bob Dylan
1976-05-19Bob Dylan
1978-06-01Bob Dylan
1978-11-15Bob Dylan
1980-04-20Bob Dylan
1980-04-30Bob Dylan
1980-11-15Bob Dylan
1980-11-19Bob Dylan
1984-06-02Bob Dylan
1984-06-04Bob Dylan
1984-06-04Bob Dylan
1984-06-07Bob Dylan
1984-06-16Bob Dylan
1984-06-17Bob Dylan
1984-06-24Bob Dylan
1984-06-26Bob Dylan
1984-06-28Bob Dylan
1984-06-30Bob Dylan
1984-07-01Bob Dylan
1986-07-16Bob Dylan
1987-09-10Bob Dylan
1987-09-13Bob Dylan
1987-10-12Bob Dylan
1988-06-07Bob Dylan
1988-06-10Bob Dylan
1992-05-17Bob Dylan
1999-11-18Bob Dylan
2000-11-05Bob Dylan
2002-10-07Bob Dylan
2006-09-03Bob Dylan
1970-05-01Bob Dylan & George Harrison
1969-02-17Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
1967-??-??Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-01-11Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-01-14Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-01-31Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-02-11Bob Dylan & The Band
1987-05-01Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead
1987-07-10Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead
1987-07-12Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead
1987-07-19Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead
1987-07-24Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead
1987-07-26Bob Dylan & the Grateful Dead
1975-10-30Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
1975-10-30Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
1975-11-26Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
1976-04-29Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
1976-04-29Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
1986-07-07Bob Dylan with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
1986-07-13Bob Dylan with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
1986-07-17Bob Dylan with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
1973-05-24Bob Marley & The Wailers
1973-07-11Bob Marley & The Wailers
1973-11-??Bob Marley & The Wailers
1975-06-21Bob Marley & The Wailers
1979-12-02Bob Marley & The Wailers
1970-09-30Bob Seger
1974-05-14Bob Seger
1974-07-08Bob Seger
1975-08-08Bob Seger
1986-??-??Bob Seger
1983-04-26Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
1982-12-21Bob Weir
1992-05-10Bob Weir
1988-04-26Bob Weir & Brent Mydland
1975-10-08Bobby "Blue" Bland
2006-12-12Bobby Bandiera & Friends
1982-12-??Bobby Hutcherson
1994-12-10Bon Jovi
2003-06-15Bonnaroo Superjam
1972-02-15Bonnie Raitt
1973-04-07Bonnie Raitt
1975-05-23Bonnie Raitt
1977-07-20Bonnie Raitt
1982-??-??Brent Mydland
1974-05-??Brian Auger & the Oblivion Express
1968-11-28Brian Auger & The Trinity
1989-10-28Bridge School Benefit
1973-04-??Brinsley Schwarz
1991-12-15Bruce Cockburn
1992-12-20Bruce Cockburn
1994-12-11Bruce Cockburn
1995-12-17Bruce Cockburn
1993-12-12Bruce Cockburn & Jackson Browne
1988-08-12Bruce Hornsby
1988-08-27Bruce Hornsby
1989-06-24Bruce Hornsby26929
1996-06-05Bruce Hornsby
1998-11-06Bruce Hornsby
2002-09-20Bruce Hornsby
2008-04-04Bruce Hornsby & Ricky Skaggs
1966-05-18Bruce Springsteen
1967-09-16Bruce Springsteen
1967-09-30Bruce Springsteen
1969-11-20Bruce Springsteen
1970-01-13Bruce Springsteen
1970-02-22Bruce Springsteen
1970-03-02Bruce Springsteen
1970-04-24Bruce Springsteen
1971-01-18Bruce Springsteen
1971-05-14Bruce Springsteen
1971-05-15Bruce Springsteen
1971-05-15Bruce Springsteen
1971-07-23Bruce Springsteen
1971-07-23Bruce Springsteen
1971-09-03Bruce Springsteen
1972-06-01Bruce Springsteen
1973-01-31Bruce Springsteen
1973-03-02Bruce Springsteen
1973-04-24Bruce Springsteen
1973-04-24Bruce Springsteen
1973-05-31Bruce Springsteen
1973-07-31Bruce Springsteen
1973-09-01Bruce Springsteen
1974-01-19Bruce Springsteen
1974-02-01Bruce Springsteen