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List NamePerformance Count
All Performances1366

DetailsArtistSHNIDReference #
1992-06-28A Celebration To The Blues
2008-07-10Alejandro Escovedo
1971-01-31Allman Brothers Band
1971-08-26Allman Brothers Band
1971-09-19Allman Brothers Band
1973-12-31Allman Brothers Band
1986-10-31Allman Brothers Band
1990-07-02Allman Brothers Band
1990-07-04Allman Brothers Band
1991-02-23Allman Brothers Band
1991-07-31Allman Brothers Band
1991-12-29Allman Brothers Band
1992-06-11Allman Brothers Band
1992-07-03Allman Brothers Band
1992-08-23Allman Brothers Band
1992-09-07Allman Brothers Band
1994-05-22Allman Brothers Band
1995-04-28Allman Brothers Band
1995-05-01Allman Brothers Band
1996-06-22Allman Brothers Band
1999-03-26Allman Brothers Band
1999-08-06Allman Brothers Band
2000-12-21Allman Brothers Band
2001-03-25Allman Brothers Band
2001-08-26Allman Brothers Band
2002-08-24Allman Brothers Band
2003-03-21Allman Brothers Band
2003-03-29Allman Brothers Band
2003-07-30Allman Brothers Band
2003-08-03Allman Brothers Band
2004-03-18Allman Brothers Band
2004-08-22Allman Brothers Band
2004-09-28Allman Brothers Band
2004-09-30Allman Brothers Band
2005-06-10Allman Brothers Band
2006-03-09Allman Brothers Band
2006-03-10Allman Brothers Band
2006-03-14Allman Brothers Band
2006-03-17Allman Brothers Band
2006-09-01Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-20Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-22Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-23Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-24Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-26Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-27Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-29Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-30Allman Brothers Band
2007-03-31Allman Brothers Band
2007-04-02Allman Brothers Band
2007-04-03Allman Brothers Band
2007-04-05Allman Brothers Band
2007-04-06Allman Brothers Band
2007-04-07Allman Brothers Band
2007-04-08Allman Brothers Band
2007-05-05Allman Brothers Band
2008-04-12Allman Brothers Band
2009-03-24Allman Brothers Band
1994-11-06Alvin Lee
1990-07-21Andy Summers
2004-07-05Angela Strehli & Tracy Nelson
1983-11-28ARMS Benefit Concert
1992-10-09Artimus Pyle Band
2007-04-06Avalon Allstars
2007-04-07Avalon Allstars
1996-03-11B.B. King
2001-06-30B.B. King
1999-07-30Barenaked Ladies
2004-02-23Barenaked Ladies
2006-10-14Barry Manilow
2002-03-18Ben Folds
2003-01-10Ben Folds
2005-11-02Ben Folds
2007-08-04Ben Folds
2008-06-07Ben Folds
1999-05-05Ben Folds Five
1998-07-19Ben Harper
2001-01-11Bernard Allison
2006-06-24Big George Brock
2001-12-31Big Head Todd and the Monsters
2003-12-11Bill Kirchen & Too Much Fun
1977-12-11Billy Joel
2001-03-01Billy Joel
2008-07-16Billy Joel
2008-07-18Billy Joel
1996-12-15Black Crowes
2005-10-23Black Crowes
2008-08-01Black Crowes
2008-09-05Black Crowes
1977-11-08Blood, Sweat & Tears
1990-11-12Blood, Sweat & Tears
1992-07-03Blood, Sweat & Tears
2002-01-20Blue Floyd
1996-03-05Blue Rodeo
1974-01-29Bob Dylan
1979-11-21Bob Dylan
1980-11-13Bob Dylan
1988-06-30Bob Dylan
1994-07-10Bob Dylan
1996-06-20Bob Dylan
1996-11-15Bob Dylan
1997-04-09Bob Dylan
1998-01-13Bob Dylan
1999-04-28Bob Dylan
1999-11-20Bob Dylan
2001-11-10Bob Dylan
2001-11-23Bob Dylan
2002-04-16Bob Dylan
2003-08-21Bob Dylan
2003-10-20Bob Dylan
2004-06-05Bob Dylan
2004-11-17Bob Dylan
2007-03-30Bob Dylan
2007-04-04Bob Dylan
2007-04-05Bob Dylan
1969-02-17Bob Dylan & Johnny Cash
1988-06-10Bob Dylan & Neil Young
1999-09-12Bob Dylan & Paul Simon
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1939-??-??Bob Dylan Tribute
1986-07-04Bob Dylan with Tom Petty & the Heartbreakers
1976-05-26Bob Marley & The Wailers
1996-03-02Bob Seger
1987-02-05Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
2007-01-18Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
1992-07-24Bob Weir & Rob Wasserman
1995-05-10Bon Jovi
1995-06-25Bon Jovi
1989-11-15Bonnie Raitt
1976-04-07Boz Scaggs
1976-05-29Boz Scaggs
1990-05-06Boz Scaggs
1997-10-08Boz Scaggs
2005-01-15Brad Paisley
2008-07-24Brad Paisley
1999-03-09Brian Setzer Orchestra
2003-11-29Brian Setzer Orchestra
1993-11-06Bridge School Benefit
1971-07-23Bruce Springsteen
1978-09-19Bruce Springsteen
1978-12-19Bruce Springsteen
1980-12-31Bruce Springsteen
1988-02-28Bruce Springsteen
1988-03-16Bruce Springsteen
1990-11-16Bruce Springsteen
1994-08-20Bruce Springsteen
1998-01-31Bruce Springsteen
2000-05-07Bruce Springsteen
2000-12-18Bruce Springsteen
2001-12-07Bruce Springsteen
2002-08-12Bruce Springsteen
2002-09-24Bruce Springsteen
2003-09-18Bruce Springsteen
2003-12-05Bruce Springsteen
2004-12-19Bruce Springsteen
2007-10-02Bruce Springsteen
2008-06-27Bruce Springsteen
2008-08-21Bruce Springsteen
2009-04-24Bruce Springsteen
1975-12-31Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1978-08-04Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1978-08-09Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1978-08-19Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1978-09-17Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2004-10-02Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2007-09-25Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2008-05-07Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2008-05-07Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2008-06-14Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2008-08-24Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1987-12-13Bruce Springsteen, Paul Simon & Friends
1996-07-27Bryan Adams
1989-01-15Buck Owens
1987-10-06Buddy Guy & Eric Clapton
1989-07-30Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughan
1971-04-15Canned Heat with John Lee Hooker
2004-12-18Carbon Leaf
2007-01-19Carbon Leaf
1989-05-09Carl Perkins
1980-08-10Chicken Legs
1980-11-18Chicken Legs
2006-06-17Chuck Berry
1992-06-11Coffee Creek (members of Uncle Tupelo & Bottle Rockets)
2005-09-24Comes A Time Benefit
1999-12-02Concert for a Landmine Free World
2002-11-29Concert for George Harrison
2007-10-12Concert For Hope
2004-11-16Counting Crows
2007-01-29Craig Fuller
1975-11-24Crosby & Nash
1991-11-10Crosby, Stills & Nash
2004-08-06Crosby, Stills & Nash
1970-06-04Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1974-08-20Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
1990-03-31Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
2000-01-26Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
2006-07-06Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young
2004-04-01Cross Canadian Ragweed
2007-07-28Crossroads Guitar Festival
2000-02-22Curtis Mayfield Memorial Concert
2005-02-19Dark Star Orchestra
2005-02-25Dark Star Orchestra
2007-12-31Dark Star Orchestra
2006-12-16Dave Matthews (solo)
2008-08-19Dave Matthews Band
2008-08-20Dave Matthews Band
2000-05-27David Grisman Quintet
2007-02-18David Nelson & Friends
2004-02-26Deep Purple
2008-04-12Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi
2007-06-08Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi's Soul Stew Revival
2008-07-05Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi's Soul Stew Revival
2008-12-31Derek Trucks & Susan Tedeschi's Soul Stew Revival
2000-01-20Derek Trucks Band
2001-12-31Derek Trucks Band
2006-01-13Derek Trucks Band
2006-11-03Derek Trucks Band
2006-12-31Derek Trucks Band
2007-10-20Derek Trucks Band
2008-04-05Derek Trucks Band
1990-03-31Desert Rose Band
2007-03-30Devon Allman's Honeytribe
2001-05-24Dickey Betts & Great Southern
2002-09-05Dickey Betts & Great Southern
2003-07-03Dickey Betts & Great Southern
1988-11-01Dickey Betts Band
1996-04-14Dickey Betts, Warren Haynes & Allen Woody
1982-12-01Dire Straits
1985-08-16Dire Straits
1988-06-11Dire Straits
1990-03-31Don Henley
2000-05-25Don Henley
1976-11-03Don McLean
2006-12-02Donavon Frankenreiter Band
2004-12-04Donna The Buffalo
2008-08-09Doobie Brothers
2003-01-11Doyle Bramhall II & Smokestack
2004-07-29Drive-By Truckers
2002-11-10Ed Volker
2005-09-07Ed Volker
2004-08-20Edwin McCain
1982-03-03Electric Light Orchestra
2001-04-20Electric Light Orchestra
1968-??-??Elton John
1968-??-??Elton John
1968-??-??Elton John
1971-10-01Elton John
1971-10-11Elton John
1973-12-22Elton John
1973-12-24Elton John
1976-08-15Elton John
1977-05-13Elton John
1979-05-28Elton John
1982-07-07Elton John
1985-12-14Elton John