I live in Germany but do trade within Europe and overseas as well. Most of the Audio-Shows are available in lossless files (shorten or flac) as stated in field "Media". The Number in field "Media" tells how many discs are needed when burning the shows in Audio-format.

The Sublist "non-tradeble" is for personal organisation only, don´t ask for a copy, cuz they´re incomplete, bad copies or stuff like that

List NamePerformance Count
All Performances2669
DMB Audio1439
DMB Video141
Non-DMB Audio669
Non-DMB Video263
Prince Audio118
Prince Video34

DetailsArtistSHNIDReference #
2007-09-21Adam Green
2017-08-04Afghan Whigs
1976-04-22Al Jarreau
2013-06-18Alabama Shakes
1998-10-25Alanis Morissette
2002-02-05Alanis Morissette
2007-10-21Alter Bridge
2011-10-29Alter Bridge
2011-11-29Alter Bridge
2008-10-05Angels & Airwaves
2008-10-31Antony & The Johnsons
2009-04-15Antony & The Johnsons
2007-08-25Arcade Fire
2006-06-30Arctic Monkeys
2009-08-29Arctic Monkeys
2008-05-30Arrested Development
2002-10-25Better Than Ezra
2010-07-10Biffy Clyro
2014-03-08Big Head Todd and the Monsters
1992-07-15Bill Evans (sax)
2003-11-21Billy Talent
2007-01-25Billy Talent
2010-05-19Black Box Revelation
2011-11-04Black Box Revelation
2012-02-29Black Box Revelation
2012-04-30Black Box Revelation
2015-11-02Black Box Revelation
2017-02-12Black Box Revelation
1996-07-11Black Crowes
1996-08-27Black Crowes
2008-10-25Black Crowes
2004-07-03Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2010-04-15Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2010-05-13Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2011-11-14Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2013-03-19Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2013-04-08Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
2008-09-30Bloc Party
2008-10-25Bloc Party
2012-08-17Bloc Party
2012-10-18Bloc Party
2013-06-22Bloc Party
2008-10-23Blood Red Shoes
2008-12-08Blood Red Shoes
2012-04-14Blood Red Shoes
2012-05-05Blood Red Shoes
2012-05-26Blood Red Shoes
2012-05-28Blood Red Shoes
1997-10-25Blues Traveler5806
1998-10-25Blues Traveler81938
1979-10-25Bob Marley & The Wailers
2011-11-11Boots Electric
1988-09-24Branford Marsalis Quartet
2011-11-29Cage The Elephant
2012-04-07Cage The Elephant
2012-06-23Cage The Elephant
2008-02-04Candy Dulfer
2008-02-04Candy Dulfer
2009-09-20Candy Dulfer
2013-10-28Caro Emerald
1972-10-25Cat Stevens
2013-06-14Chelsea Light Moving
2002-11-02Chemical Brothers
2007-04-13Chris Cornell
2007-12-08Chris Cornell
2007-12-15Chris Cornell
2015-10-06Chris Cornell
2008-09-24Cold War Kids
2008-11-03Cold War Kids
2012-07-22Cold War Kids
2003-08-29Collective Soul
2007-08-04Collective Soul
2012-06-26Collective Soul
1989-10-25Cutting Crew
2003-11-07Dave Matthews & Friends
2003-12-12Dave Matthews & Friends21541
2003-12-13Dave Matthews & Friends21548
2003-12-13Dave Matthews & Friends
2003-12-15Dave Matthews & Friends21553
2003-12-16Dave Matthews & Friends21556
2003-12-16Dave Matthews & Friends
2003-12-17Dave Matthews & Friends21562
2003-12-17Dave Matthews & Friends
2003-12-19Dave Matthews & Friends21565
2003-12-19Dave Matthews & Friends
2003-12-20Dave Matthews & Friends
2003-12-20Dave Matthews & Friends21571
2003-12-22Dave Matthews & Friends21575
2003-12-22Dave Matthews & Friends
2004-01-12Dave Matthews & Friends21732
2004-01-14Dave Matthews & Friends21733
2004-01-15Dave Matthews & Friends77479
2004-01-16Dave Matthews & Friends
2004-01-16Dave Matthews & Friends22883
2004-06-11Dave Matthews & Friends
2005-10-29Dave Matthews & Friends
2006-02-04Dave Matthews & Friends
2006-02-05Dave Matthews & Friends
1993-04-22Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds14202
1993-07-26Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds3475
1993-11-29Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds79490
1993-12-12Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17498
1994-01-29Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds3195
1994-02-21Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1994-05-04Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1994-08-25Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2681
1995-09-24Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1996-02-01Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1996-02-02Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds89989
1996-02-04Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds5714
1996-02-05Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds102255
1996-02-06Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18482
1996-02-08Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds92303
1996-02-09Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds92304
1996-02-10Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds3477
1996-02-11Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2684
1996-02-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds32307
1996-02-14Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds97546
1996-02-16Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds92288
1996-02-17Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds3639
1996-02-18Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2687
1996-02-19Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2688
1996-12-16Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1997-01-14Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17997
1997-01-15Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds16287
1997-01-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds95300
1997-01-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17998
1997-01-21Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds20422
1997-01-22Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17999
1997-01-23Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18000
1997-01-24Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18001
1997-01-25Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2697
1997-01-27Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds89990
1997-01-29Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds5716
1997-01-30Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds3016
1997-02-01Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18469
1997-02-02Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1997-02-02Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18470
1997-02-03Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18471
1997-02-04Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds94541
1997-02-06Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2689
1997-02-07Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2690
1997-02-08Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds20423
1997-02-11Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2691
1997-02-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds29809
1997-02-15Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds20424
1997-02-17Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds13827
1997-02-18Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2692
1997-02-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18473
1997-02-21Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18474
1997-02-22Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2695
1997-02-23Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds18475
1997-07-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds6612
1999-01-19Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds14507
1999-01-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-01-22Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-01-23Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-01-24Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds89991
1999-01-26Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds8389
1999-01-27Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-01-29Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2707
1999-01-30Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17241
1999-02-02Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2698
1999-02-03Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds92070
1999-02-05Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-06Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2700
1999-02-07Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds6098
1999-02-09Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-12Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds114339
1999-02-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-14Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds82700
1999-02-16Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-17Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-19Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-19Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2703
1999-02-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-21Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds29521
1999-02-23Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds4555
1999-02-26Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-02-27Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds32345
1999-02-28Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-03-03Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-03-05Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-03-06Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2708
1999-03-07Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-03-09Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds33503
1999-03-12Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds3985
1999-03-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2709
1999-03-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds13833
1999-03-14Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2710
1999-03-14Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-03-24Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-03-24Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
1999-03-25Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds2704
2003-03-19Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds16272
2003-03-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds16276
2003-03-22Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2003-03-22Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds23827
2003-03-23Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds16277
2003-03-25Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2003-03-26Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds16283
2003-03-28Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17232
2003-03-28Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2003-03-29Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17233
2003-03-29Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2003-03-31Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2003-03-31Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17521
2003-04-01Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17522
2003-04-03Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17250
2003-04-04Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17524
2003-05-05Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2003-05-05Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds17240
2005-10-28Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds31588
2005-10-30Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds31589
2006-10-27Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds79894
2006-10-28Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds82214
2006-10-29Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2006-10-30Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90537
2007-02-24Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2007-03-04Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90370
2007-03-08Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90371
2007-03-09Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds83597
2007-03-10Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds83304
2007-03-10Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90372
2007-03-12Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90373
2007-03-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90374
2007-04-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds84610
2007-04-21Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90379
2007-04-22Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds84613
2007-07-28Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds89007
2007-09-09Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds90384
2008-04-06Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds91221
2008-04-11Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds91498
2008-04-19Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds91499
2008-04-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds91507
2008-09-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2008-09-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds94658
2008-10-26Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds95494
2009-10-04Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2009-12-10Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds103615
2009-12-11Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds103617
2009-12-12Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds103621
2010-05-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds107886
2010-07-06Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds109076
2010-09-23Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds123062
2010-10-02Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds110077
2010-12-06Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds111182
2010-12-07Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds111184
2010-12-09Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds111232
2010-12-10Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds111187
2010-12-11Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds111188
2010-12-11Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
2011-06-25Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds114356
2011-07-09Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds114555
2011-08-13Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds115796
2011-08-20Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds115798
2011-09-04Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds115983
2011-09-18Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds116116