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Main Interests:

Shows from Buffalo/ Western New York area

Sacred Steel (Lee Boys, Robert Randolph, Campbell Brothers, etc)

Blues, especially Muddy Waters and Albert Collins

Other shows that I have that are not in db.etree database...

Gospel Brunch - 7/5/2009 - Lee Boys, ALO, Paper Bird and more...

Eddie Money - 8/7/2009 - Ulrich Square, Lockport NY

Rogue Science - 2/20/2010 - Tralf Music Hall, Buffalo, NY

Little Mountain Band - 04/10/2010 - Club Infinity - Buffalo, NY

Campbell Brothers w/ Katie Jackson - 11/08/1998 - Berlin (FM source)

List NamePerformance Count
All Performances1625

DetailsArtistSHNIDReference #
2010-12-187 Walkers
2010-12-317 Walkers
2011-07-117 Walkers
2011-09-167 Walkers
2011-12-317 Walkers117979
2012-01-097 Walkers118877
2012-08-027 Walkers
2012-08-047 Walkers
2012-08-307 Walkers
1974-10-04Al Green
2011-10-19Alabama Shakes
2011-11-13Alabama Shakes
2012-03-30Alabama Shakes
2012-04-09Alabama Shakes
1973-01-17Albert Collins
1973-11-20Albert Collins
1978-09-16Albert Collins
1979-01-12Albert Collins
1979-07-18Albert Collins
1980-11-26Albert Collins
1980-12-09Albert Collins
1981-07-08Albert Collins
1981-07-11Albert Collins
1981-10-27Albert Collins
1982-09-17Albert Collins
1983-03-19Albert Collins
1983-07-22Albert Collins
1985-02-15Albert Collins
1985-07-27Albert Collins
1986-04-23Albert Collins
1986-12-12Albert Collins
1988-09-11Albert Collins
1989-??-??Albert Collins
1990-03-07Albert Collins
1992-05-01Albert Collins
1992-06-07Albert Collins
1992-07-04Albert Collins
1992-08-16Albert Collins
1993-01-16Albert Collins
1993-04-09Albert Collins
1993-04-16Albert Collins
1993-09-04Albert Collins
1985-12-05Albert Collins, Lonnie Mack & Roy Buchanan
1976-09-29Albert King
1978-11-08Albert King
1981-11-21Albert King
1981-11-23Albert King
1984-02-04Albert King
1985-11-09Albert King
1986-09-14Albert King
1994-05-07Ali Farka Toure
1995-08-01Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder
1987-02-06Allen Toussaint
1970-02-11Allman Brothers Band
1971-01-17Allman Brothers Band
1971-03-20Allman Brothers Band88145
1971-09-16Allman Brothers Band
1973-06-10Allman Brothers Band
1973-07-28Allman Brothers Band
1973-12-31Allman Brothers Band1155
1981-12-04Allman Brothers Band
1992-08-25Allman Brothers Band
1994-08-20Allman Brothers Band78351
1996-06-22Allman Brothers Band
2001-08-25Allman Brothers Band111150
2002-08-17Allman Brothers Band
2005-05-19Allman Brothers Band85942
2006-06-23Allman Brothers Band
2006-06-24Allman Brothers Band
2006-06-27Allman Brothers Band
2008-08-30Allman Brothers Band97955
2009-03-09Allman Brothers Band97831
2009-03-10Allman Brothers Band97856
2009-03-12Allman Brothers Band97881
2009-03-13Allman Brothers Band97886
2009-03-14Allman Brothers Band97923
2009-03-16Allman Brothers Band
2009-03-17Allman Brothers Band97965
2009-03-19Allman Brothers Band
2009-03-20Allman Brothers Band
2009-03-21Allman Brothers Band
2009-03-23Allman Brothers Band
2009-03-24Allman Brothers Band98127
2009-03-26Allman Brothers Band98166
2009-03-27Allman Brothers Band98221
2009-03-28Allman Brothers Band98210
2012-03-09Allman Brothers Band119408
2012-03-10Allman Brothers Band119431
2012-03-13Allman Brothers Band119483
2012-03-14Allman Brothers Band119489
2012-03-16Allman Brothers Band119514
2012-03-17Allman Brothers Band119522
2012-03-20Allman Brothers Band119548
2012-03-21Allman Brothers Band119564
2012-03-24Allman Brothers Band119601
2012-03-25Allman Brothers Band119621
2012-04-20Allman Brothers Band119963
2012-04-20Allman Brothers Band119963
2012-04-21Allman Brothers Band120015
2012-04-21Allman Brothers Band120015
1996-12-31Alvin Youngblood Hart
2008-02-23Alvin Youngblood Hart
1997-11-15Anders Osborne
2012-02-08Anders Osborne
2012-05-19Anders Osborne
1992-07-10Aquarium Rescue Unit
1992-07-11Aquarium Rescue Unit
1994-03-11Aquarium Rescue Unit
1994-12-31Aquarium Rescue Unit97972
2011-06-10Arcade Fire
1982-11-26Aretha Franklin
1997-07-08Arlo Guthrie
1983-12-01ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-02ARMS Benefit Concert
1983-12-03ARMS Benefit Concert
1958-12-04Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
1981-07-11Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers
2006-07-09Asylum Street Spankers
1967-09-16B.B. King
1969-07-06B.B. King
1969-08-31B.B. King
1970-11-20B.B. King
1971-05-30B.B. King
1975-11-08B.B. King
1978-04-09B.B. King
1986-04-03B.B. King
1986-12-11B.B. King
1989-07-13B.B. King
1990-11-06B.B. King
1993-08-05B.B. King
1993-08-28B.B. King
1995-04-02B.B. King
1996-03-11B.B. King
2001-06-30B.B. King
2012-08-30B.B. King
2008-11-01Back Door Slam96012
1969-12-31Band Of Gypsys
1969-12-31Band Of Gypsys
1970-01-01Band Of Gypsys
1970-01-01Band Of Gypsys
2010-04-24Band Of Horses
1999-12-31Barenaked Ladies
2003-06-06Bela Fleck & The Flecktones
2002-06-06Ben Folds
1985-05-08Big Joe Turner
2011-12-06Big Sugar
2011-12-01Billy Martin (illy B)117539
1991-06-15Black Crowes
1995-03-15Black Crowes
1995-03-18Black Crowes
1995-03-19Black Crowes
1995-03-20Black Crowes
1995-03-21Black Crowes89729
1995-03-22Black Crowes
1995-03-24Black Crowes119663
1995-03-25Black Crowes83958
1995-03-26Black Crowes77885
1996-07-15Black Crowes
1996-10-25Black Crowes75068
1996-10-26Black Crowes74516
1997-07-08Black Crowes
1999-01-24Black Crowes
1999-01-27Black Crowes
2001-05-19Black Crowes
2001-06-03Black Crowes
2005-05-05Black Crowes75091
2005-05-06Black Crowes
2005-05-07Black Crowes75090
2005-05-08Black Crowes
2005-12-31Black Crowes
2008-04-19Black Crowes
2010-08-21Black Crowes
2010-12-12Black Crowes
2010-12-14Black Crowes
2010-12-15Black Crowes
2010-12-17Black Crowes
2010-12-18Black Crowes
2010-12-19Black Crowes
1976-12-10Black Sabbath
1982-11-25Black Uhuru
1982-11-26Black Uhuru
1984-09-16Black Uhuru
2002-06-23Blind Boys of Alabama
2003-07-27Blind Boys of Alabama
2012-08-12Blind Boys of Alabama
1993-08-18Blind Melon
2009-07-09Blitzen Trapper
2010-06-20Blitzen Trapper
2010-08-10Blitzen Trapper
2011-10-11Blitzen Trapper
2011-10-29Blitzen Trapper
2011-12-09Blitzen Trapper
2012-07-01Blitzen Trapper
2007-06-12Blue Rodeo
1970-11-08Blues & Gospel Night
1990-05-26Blues Traveler11894
1992-07-12Blues Traveler
1995-10-18Blues Traveler
2009-06-13Blues Traveler99603
2010-07-23Blues Traveler109106
2011-06-16Blues Traveler114459
2011-06-16Blues Traveler114458
1991-10-29Blues Traveler & Widespread Panic
1986-12-13Bo Diddley
1986-12-13Bo Diddley
1992-01-31Bo Diddley
2000-05-13Bo Diddley
1966-04-13Bob Dylan
1978-10-09Bob Dylan
1979-11-18Bob Dylan
1980-04-17Bob Dylan
1980-04-18Bob Dylan
1980-04-19Bob Dylan
1980-04-20Bob Dylan
1980-04-30Bob Dylan
1980-05-01Bob Dylan
1980-11-09Bob Dylan
1980-11-10Bob Dylan
1980-11-11Bob Dylan
1980-11-12Bob Dylan
1980-11-13Bob Dylan
1980-11-15Bob Dylan
1980-11-16Bob Dylan
1980-11-17Bob Dylan
1980-11-18Bob Dylan
1980-11-19Bob Dylan
1980-11-21Bob Dylan
1980-11-22Bob Dylan
1981-11-10Bob Dylan
1996-06-17Bob Dylan
1999-02-23Bob Dylan
2001-10-05Bob Dylan
2013-04-05Bob Dylan
2013-07-18Bob Dylan
1974-01-03Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-01-04Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-01-30Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-01-31Bob Dylan & The Band
1974-02-11Bob Dylan & The Band
1975-11-11Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
1975-11-15Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Review
1986-07-04Bob Dylan & Tom Petty
1975-10-04Bob Marley & The Wailers
1996-03-04Bob Seger & The Silver Bullet Band
1999-02-11Bob Weir, Rob Wasserman & Jay Lane14667
1980-11-07Bobby & the Midnites
2006-07-03Bobby Rush
2002-06-23Bonnaroo Superjam
2007-06-16Bonnaroo Superjam
1985-08-31Bonnie Raitt
1989-06-23Bonnie Raitt
1989-08-27Bonnie Raitt
2009-06-08Booker T. Jones
2011-08-16Brokedown In Bakersfield
1993-12-07Bruce Hornsby111192
1993-12-20Bruce Hornsby
1995-08-29Bruce Hornsby
1996-04-23Bruce Hornsby
1996-07-04Bruce Hornsby106625
1996-08-15Bruce Hornsby112753
1998-10-30Bruce Hornsby108454
1998-11-01Bruce Hornsby108455
2002-09-22Bruce Hornsby
2002-10-01Bruce Hornsby111982
2002-10-02Bruce Hornsby111980
1978-05-23Bruce Springsteen
1978-09-20Bruce Springsteen
1978-11-10Bruce Springsteen
1980-12-04Bruce Springsteen
1984-09-24Bruce Springsteen
1984-09-25Bruce Springsteen
1977-12-31Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1978-08-09Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1978-09-21Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2009-11-07Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2009-11-22Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2012-03-15Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
2012-04-13Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band
1992-07-04Buddy Guy
1993-04-09Buddy Guy
1994-05-06Buddy Guy
1981-03-18Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
1986-09-24Buddy Guy & Junior Wells
1986-04-14Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughan
1989-07-30Buddy Guy & Stevie Ray Vaughan
1996-08-17Burning Spear
2006-07-03Burnside Exploration
2011-07-08Burton Cummings
2005-10-30Calexico and Iron & Wine
2005-12-09Calexico and Iron & Wine