Acres And Acres 2012-11-24
All Nations Church, Halifax, NS

Set 1
Truth & Sky *
You Never Know *
Let's Go Home
Mayday intro >
Gone *
All My Colours false start
All My Colours *
Shake The Moon
E: Hallelujah (Leonard Cohen)

Set 2

Set 3

This is the Second Set of the show.

* with a String Quartet

Acres & Acres
David Scholten - lead vocals, acoustic guitar
Kris Pope - vocals, electric, lap steel, & pedal steel guitars
Ian Bent - vocals, Hammond B3, keyboard, piano, percussion
Jordi Comstock - vocals, drums, percussion
Ian M. Sherwood - bass

Other musicians
Mary-Grace Koile - vocals
Selah Koile - vocals
Joyce Saunders - vocals
Michael Walling - first violin
Debbie Miles - second violin
Susannë Brown - viola
John Spearns - cello

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1241802012-11-24All Nations ChurchHalifaxNS
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Sun Mar 17 2013 21:26:51 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)
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