Agent Moosehead 2009-03-06
Mandell Theater @Drexel University (Habijam 2009), Philadelphia, PA

Set 1
Neckface >
The Danza Slap >
Dr. Doom
Magnet Man* >
Hard Man* >
Top Man* >
Shadow Man* >
Spark Man* >
Snake Man* >
Gemini Man* >
Needle Man* >
Eggplant Wizard
Michael Keaton >
Did This Do That?

*From Mega Man III - written by Nintendo, arranged by Chris Dippolito.

Set 2

Set 3

Also on the bill:
West Philly Orchestra, The Last Emperor & The Color Karma.

This was an annual benefit for Habitat for Humanity. The event, was also broadcast/streamed live on Drexel radio(WKDU 91.7FM).

Agent Moosehead's set was played in the 4-piece arrangement (no horns).

During "Eggplant," Pete broke a bass string and, in mid-song was forced to grab another bass guitar up on stage (The Color Karma's?). Pete played this 'stand-in' bass for the remainder of the set.

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