Agent Moosehead 2007-04-04
WXPN World Cafe Live (upstairs), Philadelphia, PA

Set 1
Dr. Doom
Neckface >
Little Nemo (Dream Master)
(Band Intro)
Mow Your Lawn
Spark Man (Mega Man III) >
Snake Man (Mega Man III) >
Gemini Man (Mega Man III)
The Lobe
Ghost of Deaf Ninja
Eggplant Wizard
Blaster Master (Stage 1) >
Blaster Master (Stage 2) >
Blaster Master (Stage 3) >
Blaster Master (Stage 4) >
Blaster Master (Stage 6) >
The Genius
Bessie's Rebellion
Gameshow (Tell Them What They've Won!)

Set 2

Set 3

Show Notes:
Also on the bill: The SEA Trio
Vorcan was in attendance to paint The Sea Trio, and Agent Moosehead's set.

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