Wiltern Theatre, Los Angeles, CA

Set 1
Hill Country Girl (Fades in)
Things You're Selling
Night Out
Mother's Only Son (w/Jeff Coffin)
Maid Of The Canyon
Classic Situation (w/Futureman)
How 'Bout You (w/Futureman)
2 Hits And The Joint Turned Brown
Snow On The Pines > Jam into Keller Williams set + (fades out)

Set 2
Thin Mint > Gold Plated
Shakedown Street > loop jam > Shakedown Street
The Girl From Ipanema w/Bela Fleck
Portapotty (w/Bela Fleck)
In The Jungle Loup
Cookies > Breathe > Cadillac > Boomwhacker/Toy Loup w/Theramin > Breathe
You Are What You Eat > Metal Lips > YAWYE
Winds on Fire (w/Dave Johnston of YMSB)
Ninja > Jam into Flecktones set
Jam into Flecktones set, Flecktones come out 1 by 1, Keller leaves

Set 3
Earth Jam
P'Lod in the House
Throwdown at the Hoedown
The Whistle Tune
Stomping Grounds
MaryJane's Last Breakdown (w/Everyone)
Deathtrip (w/Everyone)


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