Akashic Record ar2019-11-01
2019-11-01 The Beehive

Akashic Record Live at The Beehive on 2019-11-01

Akashic Record 11/1/19 The Beehive Boston, MA Source-ADKa51tl's(Omni's split 10' on stage)>>1+2 Mixpre6 AKG 414xls(Cards/Sub's Center, DIN on stage)>>3+4 Mixpre6 All@24/48>Audacity>cdwav Set One only 1. 2.Back Around 3.The Dive 4.Bring it Back> 5.Breakin Bread Jared Sims-Barritone Sax Brian Thomas-Trombone Steve Fell-Guitar Sam Gilman-Organ Peter Maclean-Drums