Ad Astra Arkestra ad_astra_arkestra2010-05-07
2010-05-07 Johnson County Community College

Ad Astra Arkestra Live at Johnson County Community College on 2010-05-07

Ad Astra Arkestra! 05/07/2010 Johnson County Community College Overland Park, KS Source: Beyerdynamic MC930's > Grace Designs Lunatec V3 > Edirol R-44 Lineage: Reaper > CDWave > .Flac > Live Show Tagger Recorded @ 44.1/24 Seeded @ 44.1/16 Taped by: Michael B Lindsey Transferred by: Michael B Lindsey TEAM KANSASOURI 01. Locked groove in* 02. When the saints go marching in > Party Bones pt 1 03. Reverse Fishing 04. Slowbird Blues 05. Apostle's Fossils 06. Ophelia's Blues 07. RRRip it Up *Cover by liquid liquid Notes: This day was very, very windy and cold. The sound also reflcts some off a nearby white stone wall. Overall, a very energetic band that I hope to record again. The details: "The Ad Astra Arkestra! will be performing outside the Nerman Museum at JCCC following the opening of Habitations by Jessica Kincaid on Friday, May 7, 2010. The Arkestra performs at 8:15 p.m."

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