Antibalas Antibalas2021-08-27
2021-08-27 Green River Music Festival

Antibalas Live at Green River Music Festival on 2021-08-27

Antibalas 8/27/21 Green River Music Festival Greenfield, MA Source-AKG ck61's(DIN)AKG active Naiant pfa's>1+2 of Mixpre6 AKG ck2x's(NOS)BBmod MK46's Naiant pfa's>3+4 of Mixpre6 SD>Audacity>CDwav>TLH>Flac24 One Set 01.Go Je Je 02.Ari Degbe 03.Dirty Money 04.Him Belly No Go Sweet 05.Sanctuary 06.Gold Rush 07.Hook and Crook      08.Track Eight 09.Encore Break 10.Percussion Solo> 11.Eleven        

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