Antelope AE2022-09-16
2022-09-16 The Floridian

Antelope Live at The Floridian on 2022-09-16

Antelope Live at the Floridian 2022-09-16 First Set: AKG CK1x(cards din)>Modded Mk46's> Zoom f6 @32/48 8' SLROC on Floor Second Set: AKG CK8X (Shotguns, PAS)>Modded Mk46's> Zoom f6 @32/48 8' SLROC on Floor Set 1: 01.Wolfmans> 02.Bathtub 03.Free > 04.The Wall Jam> 05.Free 06.Fee 07.Rift 08.Fuego> 9.Suzy Set 2: 10.DWD w/HBD to Mike Garrie(drums) 11.Wilson 12.Lizards 13.Mikes> 14.Weekapaug 15.Cars Trucks and Busses 16.My Soul 17.Ghost> 18.Crosseyed 19.Loving Cup Thanks to the band for encouraging recording!

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