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2017-05-06 Mile High Spirits

A-Mac and The Height Live at Mile High Spirits on 2017-05-06

A-Mac & The Height | 2017-05-06 | Mile High Spirits, Denver, CO One Set : Sun Comes Up, Flow > Indica From Heaven, Wake On A Plane, Worry They May, All I See > Clint Eastwood ( Gorillaz ), To Ends I'll Never Know > So Fresh, So Clean ( Outkast ) > To Ends I'll Never Know Links: Band : A-Mac & The Height ( https://www.facebook.com/AMacAndTheHeight/ ) Venue : Mile High Spirits ( http://drinkmhs.com/ ) *A Space Tapes Recording* Follow For Space Tapes Updates: Twitter: @totesSpaceFish Instagram: @thespacefish Facebook: @SpaceTapes

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